Good Sex? Ask Mr. Mike Anything!

bdsm good sex call sex Jun 01, 2021

Hey folks,


This is the time for you to bust out your best rainbows and let loose in the sunshine!







We are kicking off Pride month by celebrating our gifts as GBTQ men and talking about sex, that urge to merge that draws us towards each other, with the Good Sex Call. Click here to sign up for free.

What is "Good Sex"?

"Good Sex" happens when the person, or all people involved, walks away from the sexual scene feeling better about themselves.

But, what makes this call so special?

Our Good Sex Call is having a twist with a special Q&A session where you can literally ask Mike (International Mr. Leather 2007) ANYTHING about sex!

Nice, so what's this month's main topic?

This June, we'll have fun learning more about Bondage, Discipline, and Sadomasochism (or in short, BDSM). Don't know what to ask? Don't worry, here are some examples that can help you wake up your curiosity:

  • What is BDSM?
  • Why do guys do it?
  • How do I make my scenes better?
  • What is actually a scene?
  • What is a dungeon?
  • How do I navigate "play" in a public dungeon?
  • Dom/Sub, Power Exchange, Impact Play, Breath Play, Protocol...?

Ask anything and speak your truth!

This is an opportunity to explore and celebrate your mojo, your eros, your urge to merge with other men. This is about GBTQ sex. It might be a little bit scary. It will certainly be loads of fun.

Feel both supported and challenged to get what you really want out of sex instead of settling for someone else’s idea of what your sex life should look like.

Register for the free "Ask Mike Anything" Q&A session today!

For more information, see the About Sex section on the About Us page and listen to Mike's thoughts on sex in his GerleMen podcast episode, BAM: Let's Talk About Se‪x.


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