BONUS: Exploring Intuition with Sister Unity

episodes show notes Oct 02, 2020

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Hello GerleMen listeners.

She is hilarious. She is irreverent. She is devastating in her academic acumen and her theatrical talent.

And, although we may be laughing, her messages are packed with wisdom and insights many listeners will find life-affirming.

While we pause our regular episodes and prepare a spectacular Season 2 of the GerleMen Podcast, we’d like you to enjoy some short, bonus episodes, co-hosted by my dear friend and rambunctious orange Nun, Sister Unity of the Los Angeles House of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

So enjoy the show my friends! We’ve packed all this awesomeness into some very short clips.

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Full Episode transcript:

Mike Gerle  0:00  

Hello GerleMen listeners. While we pause our regular episodes and prepare a spectacular Season Two of the GerleMen podcast we'd like you to enjoy some short bonus episodes co hosted by my dear friend and rambunctious orange nun, Sister Unity the Sister Unity of the Los Angeles House of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence that we had in Episode One. She's hilarious and she's irreverent, but she's also devastating in her academic accuracy. And her theater talent is brilliant. You'll hear the joy we have into laughter while we're digging into these ideas, but our messages are packed with wisdom and insights many GerleMen will find life affirming. So enjoy the show my friends and pay attention. Remember, you can find us anywhere podcasts can be found from iTunes, Stitcher, to Spotify, wherever you find us, please hit that subscribe button, sign up to our newsletter and our website at It's a place to see some of our video outtakes from each episode. or contact us on Facebook again just search for GerleMen. And if you're feeling old school send me an email at [email protected] Enjoy the show.


Mike Gerle  1:19  

We're back with sister unity holding space in the chasm between seasons of the GerleMen podcast.


Sister Unity  1:28  

What do I do with the space?


Mike Gerle  1:31  

You pick? Yeah, you're holding the space. Yeah, you can put that down. Thank you. So we've been talking about these different ideas while there's the three pillars that we're doing our GBTQ greatness bootcamp on, designed to inspire, empower and celebrate our ignite amazing lives for me and a lot of this, anybody who listened to the our last mini episode, heard a little bit about this, but it's like this core of where everything meaningful comes from.


Sister Unity  2:07  

Rhode Island.


Mike Gerle  2:09  

And that's our intuition.


Sister Unity  2:11  



Mike Gerle  2:12  

I think I think it goes by many names. I think it goes...


Sister Unity  2:14  

Rhode Island.


Mike Gerle  2:16  

I've never heard Rhode Island but like God, or the source or all these different things. Atman I would like to hear Sister unities take on, what is our intuition? How does a person know when they're in touch with their intuition and when they're just bullshitting people from their consciousness?


Sister Unity  2:36  

What is our intuition? Intuition is some sort of function of whatever that is inside the inner self, or Atman are the words that I've used most often in my particular path and practice. Call it God call it being in touch with the universe life, your left ventricle has a little face on it and can talk whatever. It seems to be a function of whatever your deepest part is but one that naturally knows, knows what, whatever relative to the context in which your mind and heart find themselves. The Hindu cosmology describes it as your own inner self is no other than the self of all. The absolute, God, the universe, Shiva, Vishnu, Stanley Kowalski of 34 mulberry lane, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, all worshipped in temples and so when you go and you touch your own inner self you were touching like everything so that's where deja vu comes from, they say that's where intuitive knowing and psychic powers and all of these cities or supernatural metaphysical hoo ha come from because you're plugging into everything, so of course you have the resources of everything like...


Mike Gerle  3:56  

Literally like everything, all the energy


Sister Unity  3:59  

Yeah. Oh no, she...


Mike Gerle  4:01  

All the one love I don't know I've never said that


Sister Unity  4:03  

Not Shiva vid yet they watch it, there is nothing that is not Shiva, Shiva the stand in for all of it. Whether it's love consciousness, vibrating sub cork particles, string theory, whatever you can, however you can see that it Yeah, so if everything is everything, of course everything can access everything except a grain of sand to borrow from Yates doesn't have cognition. So it has no automobile to drive the highway towards the inner self human's, lucky humans of all species and all planets have the right tool in our mind, the mind is the right sensitive instrument that is a vehicle to go into the inner self. It has perception, cognition, you know, awareness, all of these things that can focus on the pathway and arrive at the desk. A nation very few people actually get there. Many people try many people get sidetracked.


Mike Gerle  5:05  

Well, if that is the destination, what do we do when we get there? What use is it to go through meditation, having...


Sister Unity  5:14  

Intuition is not the destination. I don't think intuition is a quality of the place. The destination is the MGM Grand in Vegas. And intuition is room service.


Mike Gerle  5:24  



Sister Unity  5:26  

Intuition is like the massage table and the slot machines in the lobby. I think it's just one of the natural organic functions of the self that it can plug your instrument of thinking the thought machine into the source. And so you can access whatever it is you need to access, want to access or unbeknownst to yourself are going to access Surprise, surprise.


Mike Gerle  5:49  

What's the difference between somebody whose behavior is not coming from their intuition and a person whose behavior is coming from their intuition? What are their qualities have differences?


Sister Unity  6:01  

If you stay still, and watch and listen. And if you have spent time practicing, being still and watching and listening to your own bullshit and your own non bullshit, you begin to recognize the different tone or flavor of words speech, voice, I movements, physical behavior back in the 90s during the Anita Hill hearings, there were two sets of witnesses called by the republicans and called by the Democrats. There was Anita Hill. There were the colleagues around her that she had spoken to about the incident with Clarence Thomas. And then there were the Clarence Thomas supporters. I swear to you, you could see the difference without having a smoking gun. I know this is true. I know this is not true. I felt that I could see the difference in their tone and behavior. And I was like, those Clarence Thomas allied witnesses are drumming stuff up and kind of bullshitty and the Anita Hill ones are like there's a bit of humility, there's a tone that sounds clearer and more grounded. Now there are people who can fake that, but I wanted to cite that as an example, because you can go back on YouTube and look for Yeah, the minute Donald Trump came down the frickin escalator and started to speak. I was like, Oh, that's the guy in high school, who was good looking as rich parents and is on the football team goes up to the teacher when the teacher is like passing your homework is like, hey, Mrs. Kowalski. I couldn't do my homework last night because my dad took me to a congressional hearing. He just wanted to expose me to some of the workings of government and so I'm really sorry, maybe I could make it up, you know, next week or something. You know, I'd like smart and bullshit that way, you know, meanwhile, you know, like, you know, out drinking with his buddies and, you know, having sex with a dumpster. You could tell like you immediately recognize Trump from high school, as I know that that guy, and that that bullshit. I mean, you can tell what he's saying because he lies and it's pretty provable lies. But even if you were saying things that were not easily disproven the way he says it, you can tell.


Mike Gerle  8:15  

Mm hmm


Sister Unity  8:16  

Who speaks authentically that we could cite? Angela Davis, there's a great clip of her being asked by an interviewer back in the 60s, early 70s, about like, shouldn't black people as to violence in their protests? And she was like baffled and you know, surprised by the question, as though the interviewer was like, hey, can't you behave like white people and do what white people want you to do? While white people are killing you. And she didn't say like, No, we have to be violent. She wasn't espousing violence. She was just saying your question is just so weird. And can you see how your perspective is from this world completely unrelated to what black people are living and experiencing? So there's Trump, Angela Davis and again, the way that you can sharpen your sense of it is by looking within meditation contemplation, journal writing, therapy, spiritual practices of whatever kind, art. These are all good for sharpening your awareness. Spending time in silence and observing a really good for sharpening your awareness of what in you is bullshit. What in you is genuine.


Mike Gerle  9:22  

Yeah, that's my experience too is that like with meditation really super busy. I mean, it's much easier to do it in the morning when my mind isn't turned into monkey brain. But when I do it later in the day, I don't have enough time to do it and whatever it is, but I just was committed to doing this. So I'm going to do it and then I sit down, and I get in touch with my intuition and then all of a sudden, there's more time in the day. It's okay to be in the room. The room is just fine the way that it is. I'm okay the way I am.


Sister Unity  9:50  

Connecting to intuition connecting to self oils, the gears in Honduras grace, not always but in general. Yeah, and at some level, sometimes deep in and you still think your life is fucking like what did I meditate for? It didn't have any effect that happens sometimes, but it's still working deep on the inside and there will be fruit from that.


Mike Gerle  10:09  

Yeah. And we actually had two podcasts on front different ways of doing that we had Jesse Brune is a queer spiritual teacher and and he talked about very much the same thing, but from more of a classic spiritual way. We had Joel Benjamin, who talked about using sex as a mechanism to get to the spiritual through Tantra, Tantra things and actually looking at the energy and cultivating it and just being present with it rather than disconnected from just doing an act to get pleasure. And it just turned into this whole huge thing when it's done connected to intuition. Thank you for coming again.


Sister Unity  10:53  

You're just breathing avidly and faking it.


Mike Gerle  10:57  

I hope you enjoyed this bonus episode of The GerleMen podcast. I want to thank sister unity for her magic, her wisdom and most of all for her huge open heart. We started this podcast with a promise that we'd deliver heart centered connection, both Sister Unity and I want you to feel the love that we have for ourselves, for each other and for you, are queer and dear family. We are all one. We are all connected. And we'll see you next time.



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