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The Good Sex Call

sex Feb 24, 2021

Hey Guys! 

Let’s talk about sex. Click here to sign up for free here.

At Evoco, we believe that “Good Sex” is any sexual experience that leaves the one, two (or more) people involved feeling better about themselves.

Are you having Good Sex? 

For 90 minutes, once a month, we will come together and talk about gentlemen. With fun, curiosity, and vulnerability. We will cover the physical, emotional, and spiritual effects that sex has on our lives. 

This is an opportunity to explore and celebrate your mojo, your eros, your urge to merge with other men. 

To be clear, this is about GBTQ sex. Our sex. 

The topic might be a little bit scary. It will certainly be loads of fun. Ask anything and speak your truth. Feel both supported and challenged to get what you really want out of sex instead of settling for someone else’s idea of what your sex life should look like. 

The Evoco “Good Sex” Discussion Group is a place to be seen & heard, to share community, to learn, and to hold space for one another's differences. 

The discussion will be facilitated by me, Mike Gerle, a 55-year-old, partnered, gay man in an open relationship. I have over 35 years of sexual experience. Learn from me what I’ve learned during my extensive “field work” around sex. From finding sex in everyday spaces, sex before HIV, navigating sexual health, being monogamous, being open, being polyamorous, exploring fetish & BDSM (things I learned as International Mister Leather in 2007), being a hypersexual sport-fucker, learning to love the one man I’m with, and even finding peace with having very little sex at all. 

I have learned that sex is a powerful force with the ability to do harm, to find release, and to create joy & community depending on how thoughtfully it is approached. Let’s give it some thought. Let’s have some fun, be vulnerable, and celebrate the options available so that each man present can build the sex life that is perfect for him. 

Click here to sign up for free here.


For more information, see the About Sex section on the About Us page and listen to my thoughts on sex in my GerleMen podcast episode, BAM: Let's Talk About Se‪x‬.

Rules of Engagement:

  • Participate & Listen  
  • It’s OK to disagree
  • Our primary goal is to understand NOT to be right
  • Try on new ideas   
  • Use “I” statements 
  • Watch your “BUT” practice “BOTH/AND” instead
  • Avoid shaming, blaming, and attacking yourself or others  
  • Be aware of intent & impact  
  • Keep it confidential 

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