Welcome to the
Inspired Sex Masterclass!


In this course, you'll learn the tips, tricks, and insider information from more than 3 generations of gay men.

You'll leave knowing how to prepare your mindbody, and spirit to give & receive the sex you desire and deserve.

Here's a draft of the chapters we'll cover (subject to change):

  • Self-love
  • Reframing internalized oppression
  • Learn to have sex that’s perfect for you
  • Negotiating “Good Sex”
  • Cruising techniques
  • Preparing your body
  • STI realities
  • Sex Spaces: Bedrooms, Parties, & Dungeons
  • Relationship Geometry: Single, Monogamy, Polyamory oh my!
  • SMART Sex Goals

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                          Matthew G.                                                           Nathan S.                                                                 Wil F.

What do people say about us?


What does the Sex, Love & Relationship
Challenge include?

By joining our #SRLChallenge, you will get access to the following:


A 5-day virtual challenge where we'll be on 90-minute webinars each day, breaking through everything keeping you from creating the sex, love, and relationships that you want in your life.

Personalized Support

3 personal coaching calls to strategize how you can create more love in your life.


Easy steps to implement all of these great learnings immediately in your life.

In the Sex, Love & Relationship Challenge, you will:

  • Get down to the core of what is holding you back from giving and receiving the kind of sex, love & relationships you want.
  • Understand what is motivating you in sex and love- both positive and negative  motivators.
  • Learn how to tap into your needs and wants while communicating them effectively with ease.
  • Move from "blame and shame" about intimacy, sex, and connection, to confidence and freedom.
  • Expand your definition of sex, love & relationships to create the heart-centered connections you have always wanted.

Masterclasses: The How-To from Evoco

In these masterclasses, we are pulling together 3 decades of experience to answer all the questions many men are were afraid to ask. And all those questions that deserve to be answered.

In some cases, we'll poll the audience and see where else the wisdom of our tribe may reside. Is that you? Together we are stronger, more creative and resilenct than ever befort.

It doesn't matter if you are single, dating, married, monogamous, or a polyamorous GBTQ man, your untapped potential for loving yourself and tapping into the ultimate sex, love & relationship(s), that you truly want, is ready to be explored and unlocked.

Join the tribe and let's have the frank discussion about love & relationships that we all deserve!


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Do you believe that love & SEX for GBTQ men should be celebrated?

If so, you've come to the right place. 'Cuz we do!

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What if we told you that:

Shame was the biggest thing keeping you from the love & relationship you want?

Coming out often leads men on a hero’s journey where one takes challenges in their life, receives the learnings, grows from the experience, and takes those learnings to impact others and the world.

We too, used to hold on to shame around our sexual identity that kept us from truly feeling like our authentic selves.

We’ve been there, looking in the mirror, having inner conflict, wanting to fully love ourselves, yet feeling unaccepted by society.

Many things can block people from living free, authentic, and vibrant lives. 

For GBTQ men, those block are usually anchored in sex, love & relationships. 

Is it possible that you are putting a cap or lid on your GBTQ life when it comes to the ultimate sex, love & relationships that are perfect for you? Is it possible that you are actually preventing yourself from giving and receiving untapped joy and contentment around sex, love & relationships?

Interested in a 3-Way?

Now that I have your attention, sign up for our Masterclass Trio:
 SexLove & Relationships and Spirituality & Intuition today!

Join All 3 Now -- for Only $97!

Our Team of facilitators:

Mike Gerle

Celebrating the intrinsic nature of gay men to connect sexually, and leveraging that energy to deepen our spiritual and emotional bonds, is what motivates my work as a coach, a podcast host, a writer, a community facilitator, and a gay Elder.

I want heart-centered (love-centered) connections with people, especially my gay brothers. That is why I am dedicating this chapter of my life to providing language, skills, and community for other men who feel the same way. 

Garrett McClure

My goal at Evoco is to inspire and coach men to reach their highest potential while living in integrity of my life's purpose and mission. And my mission is to heal myself and heal my tribe. And by doing that I will heal the world.

For more than two decades, Garrett has leveraged his gift of humanity-driven business values, vast understanding of emerging technology, and the power of smart automation to inspire companies to scale faster, grow stronger and manage resources more effectively.