Our Mission


We are a human potential and menswork community celebrating, empowering, and inspiring GBTQ men.

We believe by owning our individual dignity, strengthening our connection to our chosen family(ies), and identifying the gifts we have for general society we can transform the consciousness of GBTQ men from oppression to celebration.

We Believe.


We believe these are the foundations of heart-centered connections.


WE BELIEVE our attraction towards other men creates a unique culture that is fertile with possibilities for connection, brotherhood, and dignity.

WE BELIEVE our intrinsic instinct to have sex with other men, when done consciously, leads to friendship, community, and family.

WE BELIEVE that sacred and protected spaces are necessary for men to explore the richness and bounty of our most fundamental self, our community, and our own values.

WE BELIEVE in celebrating our uniqueness.

WE BELIEVE in the values of contentment, self-reliance, and communal responsibility.

WE BELIEVE internalized homophobia in society's standard narrative on sexual identity is corrosive to our individual and collective dignity. It must be faced intentionally to unlock the full expression of the spiritual and altruistic nature of gay men.

WE BELIEVE that the ancient traditions of meditation and ritual enable us to release what does not serve us and reveal our loving spirit and the ability to celebrate our true Self.

WE BELIEVE in the healing power of love, laughter, spiritual connection, sex, healthy bodies, enlightened minds, and open hearts.

WE BELIEVE that understanding and loving ourselves as individuals makes the world a better place for everyone in it.

WE BELIEVE it is imperative to offer transformational experiences for men to cultivate mindful, mature masculinity and to speak with an authentic, generative voice.

WE BELIEVE in the affirming power of mindful, mature masculinity.

WE BELIEVE speaking with our authentic voice is the key to releasing our burdens and supporting the growth of our brothers.


About Sex.


We believe that sex is good, that it can be leveraged to create strong community bonds and deepen an individual man’s sense of dignity.

We believe that gay sex is the foundation of the gay “community.” It is the only thing every single gay man on the planet has in common. It brings us together. It causes us to cooperate. 

We believe that sexual shame is a toxic barrier to self-realization. The shame imbued by a sex-shaming, hetero-supremacist society, creates internalized oppression. That oppression causes us to attack and denigrate each other, ourselves, and the very thing that makes us who we are as gay men.

We believe that liberated sexual expression creates communities, tribes, and families. Casual hookups can lead to lifelong friends. Shared sex partners lead to a sense of family. Celebrated families lead to a celebrated community. 

We believe that sex requires consent. It may be given in many different ways, and may be subtle, but it is necessary before any type of sexual behavior begins.

We believe that sex can be damaging. It can scar one’s sense of self when it occurs without mutual consent, when we internalize sex-shaming, and when we participate in unconscious (non-mindful) sexual behavior.

We believe that sexual interactions are nuanced. Not all sexual issues are black and white. Will the participants walk away from the encounter feeling better about themselves? Is the behavior leading up to the encounter going to leave both partners feeling better about themselves? If the answer is, yes, then we have a green light. If the answer is anything else, then more communication is required before moving forward.

We believe that sex is a spiritual sacrament. It is a mysterious and sacred act that has the power to connect men to their bliss. 

We believe that sexual manipulators are abhorrent. Using coercion to elicit an insincere “yes” from a guy who is compromised because of his lack of experience or need for resources is not only rude, it is morally detestable. 

We believe that gay sex mitigates racism. It most certainly does not end racism and it is certainly not a cure, but it does bring men of radically divergent backgrounds together. If pursued with the above precepts in mind, it can teach men to understand each other better, men who may not have done so without the desire for sex.