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Sex, Love & Relationships Challenge for GBTQ Men

In this 5-day virtual challenge, you will be on a series of 90-minute webinars breaking through everything keeping you from creating the sex, love & relationships you want in your life.

You’ll receive 3 personal coaching calls to strategize how you can create more sex, love & relationship in your life.

Join live or watch recorded replays!

Many things can block people from living free, authentic, and vibrant lives. 

For GBTQ men, those block are usually anchored in sex, love & relationships. 

Is it possible that you are putting a cap or lid on your GBTQ life when it comes to the ultimate sex, love & relationships that are perfect for you? Is it possible that you are actually preventing yourself from giving and receiving untapped joy and contentment around sex, love & relationships? 

Do you believe that sex, love & relationships for GBTQ men should be celebrated? 

It doesn't matter if you are single, dating, married, monogamous, or a polyamorous GBTQ man, your untapped potential for loving yourself and tapping into the ultimate sex, love & relationship(s), that you truly want, is ready to be explored and unlocked. 

It’s time to release the blocks and allow the floodgates of intimacy and heart-centered connection to open in your life.

It’s time to end the lack of trust, depth, and intimacy in yourself and others.

It’s time to stop the conflict of what you think you want in sex, love & relationships vs that for which you truly yearn.

It’s time to feel fully safe, secure, and satisfied as you pursue and create your ideal relationship(s) instead of settling for some watered-down version of the intimacy and love you truly desire. 

In the Sex, Love & Relationships Challenge you will:

  • Get down to the core of what is holding you back from giving and receiving the kind of sex, love & relationships you want.
  • Understand what is motivating you to be in the sex, love & relationship(s) you are in today, and what is motivating you to seek the sex, love & relationship(s) you deserve
  • Learn how to tap into your needs and wants while communicating them effectively with ease
  • Move from "blame and shame" about intimacy, sex, and connection, to confidence and freedom
  • Expand your definition of sex, love & relationships to create the heart-centered connections you have always wanted

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