Our Team

Meet the men and women behind EVOCO.

Garrett McClure

Founder, CEO & Master Coach

As a seasoned mindset coach, certified Time Line Therapy®, NLP practitioner, and Hypnotherapist, I help my clients move into a mindset of potential and abundance to break through old thoughts, patterns and habits to create the life they want - and deserve.

He's a natural leader relying on his intuition, mindfulness and radical authenticity to help mission-driven leaders leverage and build more fulfilling lives. (More about Garrett ...)

Mike Gerle

Co-founder and Advisor

Mikel Gerle is a complex human being; he's a yoga teacher, a meditator, a retired local government bureaucrat, a writer, a facilitator, an analyst, a leatherman, a philosopher, and a bad poet.

Grew up with a Mormon family in Nebraska, Wyoming, and Idaho, then moved to San Diego and finally West Hollywood, where he worked for 23 years at the City Hall. (More About Mike...)

Alejandra Arteaga

Social Media & Events Manager

Alejandra is a cheerful and enthusiastic digital strategist from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. She is a proud LGBTQ+ ally & supporter and a huge fan of hugs.

She enjoys deep conversations, bass-boosted music, and outdoor adventures. Her personal mission in life is to make the world a better place one smile at a time.

Ricky Londoño

Digital Media Coordinator

Ricardo Londoño Montoya, or just Ricky, is a graphic designer and illustrator from Medellín, Colombia.

Born in 92, but in love with the 80s.
Proud plant father, music freak, gaymer, dog person, type 1 diabetic and great cook.