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about us

We provide space and practices that empower our community to reveal their perfect selves and to be truly seen. We believe that owning our individual dignity, strengthening our connection to our chosen family(ies), and identifying the gifts we have for general society, transforms our lived experience from oppression to celebration.

WE BELIEVE all men are whole and complete. Our work is to release everything that is not complete.


WE BELIEVE that having our authentic selves seen by our peers is the first step towards creating the lives that we want.


WE BELIEVE that honoring our gifts and the gifts of others is an act of celebration.


WE BELIEVE that the Hero’s Journey of a GBTQ man has imbued him with special gifts.

WE BELIEVE that nurturing our individual dignity and self-love is imperative to transformational change

WE BELIEVE that our chosen families and bio-families are indispensable sources of joy and strength, requiring and deserving investment and grace.

WE BELIEVE that honoring and celebrating the differences in our diversity generates possibility, joy, and creative solutions, all of which are worth any challenges of holding that space.


WE BELIEVE our attraction towards other men creates a unique culture that is fertile with possibilities for connection, joy, and dignity.


WE BELIEVE that sacred and protected spaces (a sense of “family” and “home”) are necessary for men to explore the richness and bounty of their most fundamental selves.


WE BELIEVE internalized homophobia must be recognized and released to unlock the full expression of the altruistic nature of GBTQ men.


WE BELIEVE an investment in all the above is good for us individually, is good for our families, is good for our communities, and is good for the planet.

Meet The Team

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