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We are creating a mentoring community of GBTQ men.


These Four Pillars are our foundation:



Learn to truly belong in your own skin and to take this feeling of belonging everywhere you go


Harness your personal power, your creative energies and create the life that you truly want to live


Stand in confidence of your beliefs, embracing the beauty of difference and sharing support & accountability


Actively choose love over fear, see the world as your ally and celebrate your sexuality

What is the Gay Scouts?


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Gay Scouts is a different kind of community.


We recognize and celebrate the magnetism of eros that draws us together as gay men.
And we leverage that energy to strengthen our love for, and connections to, one another.

This is the home you've been seeking.
Here you’ll feel held, supported, and pushed.

You will have the tools and confidence to
reveal your greatest fears, release your full potential,
and experience deep love and heart-nurturing joy.


You will be seen.


You will be heard.


You will be celebrated.

What do people say about us?

                           Jaime Z.                                                              Tony S.                                                                       Justin F.

What do people say about us?


Gay Scouts @ Evoco:
a private social network for exceptional GBTQ Men


Gay Scouts community embraces a sexy and dignified way of life

Courses, education and training to become more fulfilled, present, and powerful

Connect and learn with men who’ve been there (and teach those who haven't)

Expert guidance from men with advanced certifications and experience

Fun, life-changing experiences in-person and online

Have a blast creating the life you've always wanted!


Move your life from simply functional to profoundly exceptional!


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We'll be adding more in-person events over time starting with LA, Palm Springs & San Diego.

Connect with other men on a path to self-improvement and self-love.

We will explore love, sex, & relationships in a way that supports you to figure out where you are now and where you want to be.

Celebrate who you are as a GBTQ man with a clear path to your inspired life.

You have a choice.

Decide if where you are now is where you really want to be, because you can stay there, or you can
join the challenge and go where you haven’t gone before.

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Learn the Skills Gay Men Need Today! From other Gay Men

Adult Scouting for GBTQ Men


Education, Community & Fun For Today's GBTQ Man



Enjoy the journey as you grow from Initiate to Cadet and ultimately to Admiral Gay Scouts.



Learn the skills men need for life today such as Honoring Diversity, Holding Space, Mentoring and much more.



And of course, have fun earning contemporary and fierce merit badges such as Citizenship, Wheel of Consent and Spirituality.

Have you ever thought ...


“I don't feel like I truly belong anywhere"

"Hooking up is easy - but making real gay friends seems impossible"

"All gay men want is sex"

"The bars and clubs just aren't fun anymore"

"I'm never going to find real friends, let alone a partner"


We understand. We've been there too.


How does being gay effect your life?

Does the desire for gay sex impact your life today?


At Evoco, we understand that, for gay men, it can be a source of pain and rejection.

But once that pain is acknowledged, held, and released with love, our sexual bonds actually fuel a profound sense of belonging for ourselves individually, our communities, and the entire globe.  


We have felt the pain of rejection that comes from believing, at our core, that we’re evil, that Satan himself is controlling our behavior.

One of us knows what it is like to sit across from a church leader, his Mormon Bishop, and hear that his actions are worse than that of a murderer.

One of us knows the sting of being called, “Gretchen the fag” every day during grade school. 

We know what it’s like to feel our natural desire to be close to the high school basketball star we often walked home from school with, characterized as defective and abnormal.

That desire was so “bad” we were forced into misguided medical treatments and suspect mental therapies.

We know how a deep level of shame, that is inextricably tied to our crotches, can cause a man to create a false version of himself. We know how it causes us to bring innocent girls into these false versions of ourselves. Then we break their hearts, our lies degrade their lives, our friendships, and wreak havoc on our entire life.

We know what it’s like to lead a shallow, terrified, existence.

Our friends didn’t know the sexual focus of our raging hormones was so wildly different from theirs. Our parents didn’t know who we really loved, or that we hated ourselves enough to try to end our own life.

We know what it’s like to see the world as a hostile, shaming place bent on our destruction.

But it doesn't have to be this way!


When we look in the mirror and see our own reflection, we think,
“damn, that’s one smart, sexy man.”


Who do you see in the mirror?

After speaking, coaching, camping, meditating, and sharing dungeon space with thousands of gay men all over the globe, we’ve learned the explosive power of our attraction can be used to fuel empowered liberation, freedom, increased feelings of self-worth and a life-changing feeling of celebration


But, we know this transformation requires more than wishful thinking or just a positive mindset. It requires more than screaming “fuck you” to those who reject us.

It takes a lot more than a protest or parade.


Truly belonging requires uncovering and releasing all the negative thoughts, negative emotions, and old beliefs connected to the idea that we are somehow defective. 


We deserve to stand comfortably in our own dignity.

We deserve to feel powerful being in our own skin.

We will know at our core we’re perfect just the way we are.


And we will know our intrinsic nature, that sweet and all-consuming natural yearning to ask out the basketball player on the walk from school, is totally normal, exciting (yet a little scary), and perfectly natural!


Welcome home.
Welcome to the Gay Scouts.

Experience the Connection, Love and Healing!


Are you ready to move your life from simply functional to profoundly exceptional?

It’s time to end the cycle of shame, internalized homophobia, and suffering
that leads too many gay men into drugs, depression, over-achieving and suicide.

If so, you've come to the right place.


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Your Troop Leaders, Coaches & Mentors:

Mike Gerle

Celebrating the intrinsic nature of gay men to connect sexually, and leveraging that energy to deepen our spiritual and emotional bonds, is what motivates my work as a coach, a podcast host, a writer, a community facilitator, and a gay Elder.

I want heart-centered (love-centered) connections with people, especially my gay brothers. That is why I am dedicating this chapter of my life to providing language, skills, and community for other men who feel the same way. 

Garrett McClure

My goal at Evoco is to inspire and coach men to reach their highest potential while living in integrity of my life's purpose and mission. And my mission is to heal myself and heal my tribe. And by doing that I will heal the world.

For more than two decades, Garrett has leveraged his gift of humanity-driven business values, vast understanding of emerging technology, and the power of smart automation to inspire companies to scale faster, grow stronger and manage resources more effectively.