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Evoco Center featured on "The 12 Gays of Christmas" by Gay Men & Blog

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Check out the live Medium article from @GayMen&Blog here: The 12 Gays of Christmas [Part 2] — Presented by Gay Men & Blog


Advice for creatives: Step into your discomfort. Our addictions to our phones, to food, to alcohol, to sex, to rage, all stem from the desire to avoid our discomfort and suffering. When we face those demons we capture the wisdom they have for us.

If you are looking for inspiration to create something epic, open your heart to your suffering.

Instead of reaching for your phone, feel that anxiety, grief, loneliness, rage, or however your demons present themselves. It can be just one full cycle of breaths, but it’s important that you soften your armor and let it in.

When you make friends with your demons they will teach you the things you need to learn to give yourself a break, to open your authentic heart, and reveal the path that is meant for you — the path you deserve.

Up next: We are offering the following classes:

  • Love & Relationships Masterclass, Saturday, January 9th 2021.

  • Sex, Love & Relationship Challenge, January 23rd — 27th 2021

  • Spirituality & Intuition Masterclass, Saturday, February, 20th, 2021.

Connect:, GerleMen Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts | @evococenter (Instagram),

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