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“The Urge to Merge” Published on Medium

challenge workshops Dec 11, 2020


This article was originally seen on: The Urge to Merge: With Inspired Sex Masterclass, Evoco Center Kicks Off Interactive Live Virtual Masterclass Series


In November, Evoco kicked off its interactive live virtual Masterclass series with its Inspired Sex Masterclass.

Presented by Evoco’s founders Garrett McClure and Mike Gerle, who each bring three decades of experience in the GBTQ menswork and coaching worlds, the inaugural Masterclass on inspired sex focused on a plethora of subjects ranging from self-love, relationship geometry, and SMART sex goals to chapters on reframing internalized oppression, cruising techniques, and dedicated sex spaces.

During the one-day unapologetically candid Inspired Sex Masterclass, McClure, Gerle, and Genius Unlocked’s Carson Cooper shared tips, tricks, and techniques with GBTQ men to prepare their mind, body, and spirit to give and receive the sex they desire and deserve.

Evoco’s mission remains concentrated on celebrating, empowering, and inspiring GBTQ men of all ages.

The Inspired Sex Masterclass is the first in a trio of masterclasses hosted by Evoco Men’s Work Academy.

“We are as diverse as the non gay population. But we do have one incredibly rich area of commonality. And that thing is sexual in nature,” says Gerle. “There is a lot to celebrate. Sex brings us together. Sex causes us to cooperate. It causes relationships to form, it sparks love, it bonds groups, it mitigates racism. It allows us to share transcendent energy. It’s creative and generative.”

To commemorate the launch of the Inspired Sex Masterclass, Gerle revisited his GerleMen podcast ‘Being a Man’ episode: ‘Let’s Talk About Sex.’ It focused on the topics of consent, sex and relationships, and fuck buddies.

“I need to get honest with you about sex, because I love it. I believe that celebrating mindful, conscious sex is essential for gay man’s dignity.”

On January 9, Evoco will launch its next Masterclass: Love & Relationships.

The course is all about finding love in all of the right places, whether you are single, dating, married, monogamous, or polyamorous — promoting the untapped potential for loving oneself and tapping into the ultimate sex, and love & relationships that one truly wants.

McClure and Gerle will show virtual attendees how to bring more love into every area of one’s life, starting with oneself, one’s family, one’s tribe, and finally one’s world.

Through frank discussions, GBTQ men will be coached on how to have connected conversations with other men that are not solely based on money, material possessions, prestige, or superficial things, but rather be able to talk, speak, and listen from the heart.

Chapters will cover the topics of self-love, communication, biological and chosen families, and SMART love goals.

The third in a trio of Masterclasses will take place on February 20 with its Spirituality & Intuition Masterclass, which will uncover the benefits of listening to one’s intuition, what possibilities will open up in doing so, and the transformational powers it possesses.

Topics will focus on how to evoke one’s true desires, unlocking the power of the unconscious mind, tapping into creativity and imagination, meditation, hypnosis, and empowering one’s authentic spirituality.

The Masterclass will touch on simple, yet powerful techniques to build trust between your conscious and unconscious minds, all in service of helping create the life you want and deserve.

McClure and Gerle will answer all the questions many GBTQ men are normally afraid to ask, and deserve to be answered.

It’s time to join the tribe!

Anyone can register and attend or watch the recordings at any time on any device by going to

Evoco Center’s values stem from the belief that owning one’s individual dignity, strengthening connection to one’s chosen families, and identifying gifts in oneself can help transform the consciousness of GBTQ men from a place of oppression to celebration.

For more information or to register for the Masterclass series, visit

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