The Good Sex Call

sex Feb 24, 2021

Hey Guys! 

Let’s talk about sex. Click here to sign up for free here.

At Evoco, we believe that “Good Sex” is any sexual experience that leaves the one, two (or more) people involved feeling better about themselves.

Are you having Good Sex? 

For 90 minutes, once a month, we will come together and talk about gentlemen. With fun, curiosity, and vulnerability. We will cover the physical, emotional, and spiritual effects that sex has on our lives. 

This is an opportunity to explore and celebrate your mojo, your eros, your urge to merge with other men. 

To be clear, this is about GBTQ sex. Our sex. 

The topic might be a little bit scary. It will certainly be loads of fun. Ask anything and speak your truth. Feel both supported and challenged to get what you really want out of sex instead of settling for someone else’s idea of what your sex life should look like. 

The Evoco “Good Sex” Discussion Group is a place...

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