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challenge workshops Dec 11, 2020


This article was originally seen on: The Urge to Merge: With Inspired Sex Masterclass, Evoco Center Kicks Off Interactive Live Virtual Masterclass Series


In November, Evoco kicked off its interactive live virtual Masterclass series with its Inspired Sex Masterclass.

Presented by Evoco’s founders Garrett McClure and Mike Gerle, who each bring three decades of experience in the GBTQ menswork and coaching worlds, the inaugural Masterclass on inspired sex focused on a plethora of subjects ranging from self-love, relationship geometry, and SMART sex goals to chapters on reframing internalized oppression, cruising techniques, and dedicated sex spaces.

During the one-day unapologetically candid Inspired Sex Masterclass, McClure, Gerle, and Genius Unlocked’s Carson Cooper shared tips, tricks, and techniques with GBTQ men to prepare their mind, body, and spirit to give and receive the sex they desire and deserve.

Evoco’s mission remains concentrated on...

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Join us for the Sex, Love and Relationships Challenge!

challenge workshops Oct 07, 2020

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Sex, Love & Relationships Challenge for GBTQ Men

In this 5-day virtual challenge, you will be on a series of 90-minute webinars breaking through everything keeping you from creating the sex, love & relationships you want in your life.

You’ll receive 3 personal coaching calls to strategize how you can create more sex, love & relationship in your life.

Join the group today! Click here.

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